Brighter Communities

Hosting Earth Day Fortnight #1 April 16 - 28 in Fauquier County, Virginia. See home page of web site for schedule and details. Earth Day is nearly 50 years old and we have a 3 year strategy through Wednesday April 22, 2020, to upgrade what we do on a daily basis with respect to the environment, energy, and other eco-matters.

In Richmond Virginia, on November 2, 2017, we received 3 Virginia Energy Efficiency Leadership Council Awards for 3 of our 12 Energy Case Studies. Through Eco-Education we plan to distribute our methodologies to anyone who wants to save 5-10% of their annual electric bill. Easy process via our new web site www.EnergySaver.Today available this April. will be replacing in March of this year.

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Address: 5879 Hunton Wood Drive
Broad Run, VA 20137
Phone Number: 540-219-0445 ext. Text preferred
Since 2004 we have worked with building occupants of Chambers of Commerce, schools, governments, hospices, businesses, non-profits, sports complexes, etc. by bringing rapid change to their multiple "communities" through reducing annual energy expenses and increasing comfort levels / sense of well-being. Carbon footprint profiles are available in our data repositories and 12 case studies..
New sites will be and EnergySaver.Today to support new non-profit formed in 2015
Brighter Communities educates and funds energy conservation efforts and renewable energy project technology. These folks know our results. Feel free to make contact:
Fauquier County (some retired): Trish Ethier, Chester Stribling, Peter Schwartz, Holder Trumbo, Chris Granger, Paul McCulla, Karen Henderson
FCPS Executive / Board: Sheryl Wolfe (moved), Brian Gorg, Duke Bland, Dr. Lewis (Richmond), Dr. Jeck, Tripp Burton, Major Warner
Non-Profit: Judy Lamana, Bert Van Gils, Paul (RainForestTrust)
Hospices: Susan Lloyd, Don Schumacher, Michelle Burris, UK- Hannah Walton / David Praill
FCPS Vineeta Ribeiro, Brian Mulvey, Charlene Root, JT Gard, Ms. Marple, Andrea Martens, Archer Gilliam
Businesses: Ike Broaddus, Colin Reese, Ed Moore, Carl Pearson, Steve Sutherland, Matt Carson, Jesse Straight, Jay Pinsky, Chip and Derek Maloney, Yak Lubowski