Fauquier Excellence in Education

To create, enrich, and expand educational opportunities for Fauquier County Public Schools.

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Address:PO Box 512
Warrenton, VA 20188
Phone Number:540-270-6440
What we do:

· Fill the competitive gaps in the educational system.

· Improve educational and well-being outcomes for all children.

· Meet the needs of teachers, administrators, students, and the community.

· Generate equity across the county for education.

· Create the best possible environment for the greatest number of children.

The foundation provides financial assistance to teachers enabling them to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops and cultural programs to further their professional development. For 31 years, more than 194 teachers have been awarded financial assistance in excess of $284,000.

We fund off-campus activities that enhance our children's learning experiences to prepare them for citizenship and for working in the 21st century with diverse populations, cultures and technologies. We are dedicated to creating innovative programs, and initiatives, and cultivating partnerships with local and regional corporations, foundations and individual donors.
From Mrs. Lisa Larkin, a recent Grant Recipient......"I recently returned from the kindergarten conference in Orlando and just wanted to thank you all for giving me such a wonderful opportunity. I was able to learn fun, new ways to improve differentiation and increase rigor in my classroom, hear success stories and see great new ideas in action. I loved the word wall activities and new ideas for math stations. I especially enjoyed the many ways to encourage writing in the classroom. The sunshine and beautiful pool was of course a great bonus! I would not have been able to go without the generosity of the FEIE. I am truly grateful and appreciate how you support and encourage the teachers of Fauquier County. Thank you so much!!"

"I had the amazing opportunity to attend the AIM conference in Toronto, Canada in July 2016. Students are taught the most common used words through gestures. Instead of students repeating the teacher, students actually talk with the teacher. Comprehension takes place immediately. Students talk about everyday life rather than learn lists of vocabulary and conjugations of verbs. Students are also expected to be immersed in the target language for the majority of the class. Rather than talk about the language, we actually use it to learn it! Students are excelling better than ever and enjoying the learning process. We sing raps, act out plays, work in partnerships, play games and have fun! Students are comprehending and responding like never before. Thank you to the Fauquier Excellence in Education for providing such a positive learning experience for me and my students." Sincerely, Kim Niskanen