Mountain Vista Governor's School Foundation

The Mountain Vista Governor's School (MVGS) Foundation is dedicated to advancing the educational interests and program efforts of this regional public school for gifted students. The Foundation is dedicated to financially supporting the increasing needs of MVGS. These needs may include education and co-curricular programs, equipment, facilities and student activities.

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Address: 6480 College Street
Warrenton, VA 20187
Phone Number: 540-327-6152
Fax: 540-266-3617
By supporting the projects listed below, the foundation supports the schools mission to present a research based, technology-enhanced integrated program in mathematics, science and the humanities. The program challenges students to reach their potential as independent thinkers capable of assuming leadership roles in a constantly changing global society.

• MVGS Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC) where students design, build, and launch rockets with specific design parameters in competition.
• MVGS Robotics Teams who build innovative robots which compete specific tasks in VEX Robotics Competition
• Other co-curricular teams and clubs investigate or compete in fields of graphic arts, fine arts, mathematics, life science, computer science, economics, and electronics
• Purchase of on-line textbooks, calculators, and lab supplies
• Two mini-buses for field experiences and community outreach

"MVGS did a good job preparing me for the broad coverage of academics I get at my liberal arts college. The strong emphasis on both science and humanities helped me to come into college valuing a well rounded, balanced education. " Anna Peyton, Fauquier County