Be the Change Foundation

Our mission is to empower, strengthen and inspire women to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

-Empower them to see opportunities in the face of obstacles, build on those opportunities and overcome those obstacles.

-Strengthen them by providing training, education, resources such as small business enterprise loans, and create accountability through mentoring support.

-Inspire them to set a powerful example for future generations.

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Address: 766 Rudasill Mill Rd.
Woodville, VA 22749
Phone Number: 540-222-7242
Be the Change Foundation offers a 12 week training class, twice a year, for women who want to start home-based businesses or move to the next level in an existing business. There is an application process to be admitted to the class, as we have a limited number of spaces available. The training is done by professionals in our own community who volunteer their time and expertise to help equip the women with the knowledge and resources they need to succeed.​

After a candidate has been accepted and she has successfully completed the 12 week class, having attended all classes and received a certificate of completion, she may, then apply for a small business loan. A loan approval committee will evaluate the applications and select qualified candidates that can be funded at that time.

Loans will be paid back with interest over the period of one year, so that the program can be sustainable, which will enable us to give more and more loans to qualified applicants in the future.

Offering mentorship for the year after they complete the class, we will assist our clients in accessing available resources in the community to help them be successful in their endeavors, so they can contribute to local economic development as well as inspire and support others to grow as well, and truly Be the Change.

"After this 12 week journey with Be The Change Foundation, I can begin to understand what it means to me to start and develop my business. I believe there is always two parts to everything I do: the mechanical/logical part and the emotional journey (the brain and the heart). Both parts provide me with the best decision making tools and I am very happy they led me here." Pam

"Be the Change Women's business program has offered encouragement, knowledge and motivation to pursue starting a business. This impressive group of women is truly committed to helping women grow their confidence and knowledge of running a business." Elizabeth

"This class has been incredibly informative. The instructors have been so knowledgable and have shared information that will be invaluable as I move forward to follow my dream." Sandy