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Introducing kids to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. We believe in the power of presence. Kids' lives are dramatically impacted when caring adults come alongside them, sharing God's love with them.

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Our vision is that EVERY KID in Culpeper County would have a chance to hear the goods news of Jesus Christ, in a way they can understand. The staff and volunteer leaders are missionaries to the (seemly foreign) culture of youth, by taking the time to go where they are, invest in relationships, and to share the good news of Jesus in the context of those relationships. We do this to "earn the right to be heard" and share reliable information about Christian faith and life. It takes time, sensitivity, dedication, and effort to reach and develop a relationship with disinterested teens. In addition to going to kids, our Young Life leaders have a weekly club for high school kids and every other week our WyldLife leaders have a club with middle school kids and Capernaum leaders have a club with young people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 


Over the past few weeks I've decided to come to Young Life. At first I was just coming for fun because my friend invited me one night but something changed in me, I realized that my life I was living just wasn't good enough and I wasn't happy with the person I was and this made me want to change. I wanted a change in my life and to do that I started a relationship with Jesus. Ever since then I've just been learning more and more about Him every day and praying to Him thanking Him for the life He's given me and thanking Him for letting me see that I needed to change my ways."

"Young Life isn't just this thing I go to every Tuesday. It is somewhere I go where I can be myself, have fun and learn about the most amazing love story of all time. The one of Jesus Christ! Young Life has truly changed my life."

"I am thankful for Young Life because it allows me to open my heart to God. It teaches me love, hope, and faith and gives me the best friendships anyone could ask for."

"I started attending WyldLife in 8th grade and gained friendships that have lasted. Beginning with WyldLife, and also later with Young Life, I started to hear the amazing love story but still couldn't grasp that someone so great loved me unconditionally, and wanted to get to know me because He thought I was valuable. I started coming out of my shell and doing better in school. Then, at YL camp, I rededicated my life to Christ. I can still remember looking up at the stars on that summer night. I could feel Him enter my heart, and I accepted Him. I now live life through Christ. I am His creation and as long as I trust Him, He will guide me to a life that He has planned out for me."

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