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Fauquier Excellence In Education Foundation (FEIEF) is a 501 (c)(3) dedicated to creating, enriching and expanding educational opportunities for Fauquier County Public Schools. We help fill the competitive gaps and improve educational opportunities and experiences for teachers, administrators and students. We build bridges between our schools, local businesses and parents. We can't do it without you.

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EDUCATOR GRANTS:  For over 30 years the Foundation has provided teachers with grants to enable them to participate in high-quality professional development programs that enhance classroom teaching. In 2016, we expanded these opportunities to include all qualified educators, aides and support staff.  Many teachers pay for these classes, seminars and conferences with their own money or can not afford to attend.  Thank you for helping our teachers to grow and better serve their students.

MULTI-SENSORY LITERACY: In partnership with the Bryant-Crane Foundation, Ms. Jacqueline Mars,  PATH Foundation and other private donors, we will once again bring literacy professional development to Fauquier County Public School educators. Teachers will receive week-long instruction in multi-sensory learning methods to assist classroom teaching and individual student needs. 

MY FIRST BOOK CLUB:  “My First Book Club" is designed for preschool students to improve literacy, develop a love of reading and promote peer interaction. Each month students receive a new book for classroom and at-home reading. Teachers set goals for individual reading skills and read together in a group setting. Students also receive book bins to take home to build their first home library.  For only $35 a year, you can sponsor a child to receive 12 books and a book bin.  All donations amounts are welcome.

A-R TOPOGRAPHY SANDBOXES: Thanks to grant from Dominion Energy, we are bringing Augmented Reality 3-D Topography Sandbox Tables into the science curriculum, the Environmental Studies Academy and the Outdoor Lab. Created by the UC Davis Dept. of Geology and Keck Center for Earth Sciences, these interactive educational tools explore the importance of water, watersheds, hydrology, topography, land forms, geology, the effects of weather, earth science, and environmental studies .

SUMMER CAMPS: It is through donations that we are able to keep STEM summer camps affordable for families, provide transportation, and donate materials to keep students engaged and challenged. We are preparing for these camps to meet again in person. Transportation is the largest expense, and for many children they could not attend without a bus to pick them up and bring them home each day. Imagine missing a great summer experience because you didn't have a ride! Your donation gives children opportunity!

EDUCATIONAL FIELD TRIPS:  We support families by providing scholarships to pay for educational field trips.  We never want a child's experience to be limited because of money. Thank you!

To learn more please visit our website:  www.fauquiereie.org. THANK YOU for your support!

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