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The Fauquier Free Clinic serves the Fauquier and Rappahannock communities by providing comprehensive medical, dental and mental health care to eligible residents.

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Our approach is to provide a universal health care experience combining medical, mental health, and oral health working together to make our patients well.

As an example, a young man came to us for medical attention. He had recently relocated here from out of state to rejoin his family. Our doctor here noted that he could benefit from counseling and support for anxiety. He was able to see a counselor the very next day. At that appointment he shared that he was in pain and not sleeping well because of a dental problem. Our counselor walked him right upstairs and our dentist squeezed him into an emergency appointment to extract his decayed tooth. Now his pain is gone, we are addressing his medical needs, and he is working on strategies to manage his anxiety and relationships. He is hopeful about finding work and contributing to his family's financial needs. He will still need our help for a while, but he is headed in a healthier direction thanks to the Free Clinic.


" I never thought I would be in the position in my life
where I would need help from others to stay alive. Prior
to this I was upper middle class and always had health
coverage. Then life took a quick turn that was completely
out of my control. At first I felt incredibly embarrassed
coming in, but I knew I did not have a choice. The entire
time I have been in treatment the staff has always been
kind and respectful and made a difficult situation for me
much more bearable. I thank all of you for what you do
and for helping to keep me alive during my time of need."

"The Free Clinic has been a Godsend for us. I was at a loss
with three children who have chronic medical problems.
As the only parent, we live on a budget and could not
afford medications, let alone health care, on my income.
We are extremely fortunate and grateful for the Free Clinic
and the volunteers that make it possible."

"I would like to thank the dental clinic for all their help. I
don't know what I would have done without you guys or
the dentists and their helpers. I haven't had my teeth
fixed in about ten years since I was in the military in Iraq.
This is an awesome thing you all do for us all. My last job
didn't offer dental insurance and they shut down."

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