Free Clinic of Culpeper

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Nearly every day a new person comes to the Free Clinic in need of medical care. Young adults, moms and dads, grandparents and sometimes whole families come through the door looking anxious and worried, wondering if the care is really  free and embarrassed that they have to ask for help.

Because of donors like you, we are able to assure them that, yes, the care is really free.  And, that they will be in good hands...treated by compassionate, skilled medical professionals.  

Each patient has their own story.  Many are working every day in local businesses as cashiers, cooks, waiters,  landscapers, carpenters and more.  They are in jobs that pay low wages and don't provide health insurance.  It is a struggle to just make ends meet.

When new patients find their way to the clinic, it is usually because they are in real pain or they are worried that something is wrong.  Many times they haven't seen a doctor in decades and are experiencing complications from chronic conditions that have been left untreated for years. Ruthie, a clinic patient who was laid off from her job and struggling with anxiety and back pain, recently shared her experience. She said, "The clinic gave me hope. I was stuck in my house with so much emotional and physical pain. When I started at the clinic, the staff gave me compassion and support and helped me start moving forward again."

Your gift makes medical care and prescription drugs available to low-income adults like Ruthie who are desperately in need of care.  Please consider a generous gift today.  

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