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Hero’s Bridge® is dedicated to serving elderly veterans, age 65 and older. We bridge our veterans to a better quality of life through our age-specific and innovative programs. These services are available to our heroes wherever they call home, at no expense to them or their families.

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Our four programs are:
Battle Buddies - Bridging younger and older veterans in a special model of care that decreases social isolation and increases advocacy.
Home Front - Bridging our older heroes to healthy and safe housing conditions.
Honor Guard - Bridging our veterans to better mental health by facilitating a healthy processing of their time in service.
Paw Patrol - Bridging veterans to animals as healers to significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression and a variety of other issues.


"Our volunteer experience with Hero's Bridge is such a joy, and so much more than we expected. Initially, we joined with modest hopes of helping a few veterans. Subsequently, we've developed friendships with many veteran neighbors, fellow volunteers, and the Hero's Bridge staff. It has greatly renewed our faith in the giving spirit of our community. The flexible schedule makes it very easy to volunteer as much or as little as is available each month. This organization is treasure with a big future, and we look forward to contributing for years to come." -- Tim and Alice Cotter, Volunteers

"Volunteering with Hero's Bridge allows me to turn my patriotism into action at any level of commitment. Their myriad programs provide so many opportunities to use my talents to honor and serve the elderly veterans in our community." -- Jon Esse, USN retired

"For more than two years, Hero's Bridge has provided me with both basic and necessary assistance required to live comfortably, including prepared and nutritious meals, ready for the microwave and the table; volunteers to satisfy my transportation needs for doctor's appointments and grocery shopping, help with yard maintenance, installing safety items, and social visits. I couldn't ask for any more." John Victor, 1950s Army Cold War Veteran

“I do not know how to thank [Hero’s Bridge] for all you did for and all you meant to John. You were a friend when he needed one most and you helped him navigate his way through this past year in a way no one else could. …You and your colleagues became his family and you made it possible for him to stay in the little cottage he lived with his faithful Max...right until the end. From the bottom of my heart, my now broken heart I thank you. My family thanks you.” John “Jack” Lyons’ (1943-2020) sister Mary.

Volunteering with Hero's Bridge is highly rewarding. Building a connection with a veteran in need is a special experience and a meaningful way to give back to those who made sacrifices for us all. ~  Evie, Hero's Bridge Volunteer

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