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MAD Cats is a highly successful rescue with a small, dedicated, and passionate group of volunteers.

We are dedicated to improving the lives of cats in our community by providing no-cost Spay & Neuter services to cat owners and colony caretakers in rural Madison and Culpeper Counties, Virginia.

We are passionate about keeping cats and kittens in their homes out of the shelters!  Since MAD Cats organized in 2018, cat/kitten intake at both Madison and Culpeper County shelters has steadily decreased. In 2022, the Madison County Animal Shelter had a total of 118 cat intakes. Culpeper still had 388. The most common reasons cats are surrendered by owner are related to lack of access to low-cost Spay/Neuter services and high cost of food. MAD cats Spayed/Neutered and vaccinated 932 cats in 2022, and delivered more than 4,000# of food. Our cat/kitten intake was 359, mostly kittens, who were fostered and then spayed/neutered and vaccinated prior to being adopted or transferred for adoption to larger rescues in Fredericksburg and Richmond.

======For the 1st quarter 2023, we hit the ground running on New Year's Day! Our goal was to prevent as many Spring litters of kittens as possible. By March 31st, we had S/N 355 cats, preventing the birth of hundreds of kittens. We can't stop kitten season, but our efforts have significantly reduced the number of litters that will be born in our service area. Our MAD fosters love kittens, but there just aren't enough homes for all the kittens that are born each year. Many of them die, born to teenage momma cats that are underweight, unvaccinated, malnourished, themselves. 

By "fixing" more than 3,000 cats since 2018, MAD Cats is achieving our Mission of improving the lives of cats and their owners and caretakers in our region.

And now we need your help!*

Our goals are to:
1. Stabilize the community cat population by reducing the number of litters born each year.
2. Encourage owners to spay/neuter and vaccinate their cats by providing low/no cost options and transportation.
3. Assist colony caretakers by providing food and winter shelters.
4. Foster kittens for adoption.
By achieving these goals, we will reduce the number of cats and kittens relinquished (and possibly euthanized) to our local shelters.

======*Your donations will be matched up to $1,000 thanks to a grant from Battlefield Toyota of Culpeper  and an anonymous donor.

======Our Spokes Cat Sadie would like to remind you that every female spayed is a litter avoided. The average litter is at least four kittens. Everyone loves kittens, but there are already too many cats in our counties. Each kitten needs a loving home, and there are only so many of those.


(Brandy, Domestic Cat S/N) Thank you MAD cats and a special thanks to Miss Laurie you ladies are a God given blessing to myself for the love you gave to my babies. I can not thank y'all enough

(Jori, Kitten Intake) You are amazingly gifted and your heart just keeps expanding to love more.

(Kathy) Y'all do a great job in saving all the cats and kittens.

(Karen, TNR) I was very impressed with the process. Response was very prompt. The volunteers are amazing and put me at ease with the whole process.

(Kris K.) What you all do is absolutely the best for all cats!

(Hoppes) Thank you for all you do for the cats - especially the spay & neuter...we are making a difference in population control & awareness.

(Janet) I appreciate the help you tried to give a stranger...and all you do.

Three MAD Cats Trappers have completed the NEIGHBORHOOD CATS TNR Workshop and are  fully CERTIFIED. 

March 2023. MAD Cats earned the Platinum Seal of Transparency, the highest rating for Non-Profit organizations, from Candid/GuideStar.

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