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Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides support, education and a Biblical perspective to those who are ill, dying, bereaved and those who journey with them.


To establish a local, national and international resource center to provide ministry, training and a retreat for those who are ill, dying, bereaved and those who journey with them.


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Spiritual Care Support Ministries (SCSM) provides grief and bereavement counseling and support groups in Warrenton, Virginia, and around the world. It is our mission to provide compassionate care and emotional healing for individuals and families struggling with loss and pain, whether from illness or the death of a loved one, a chronic condition, divorce, or other personal losses. Our support is strengthened through a faith-based perspective with open dialogues. We understand that each person's beliefs and the way in which we each mourn and heal is different; yet each person needs encouragement and compassion as they work through their feelings. Through the care and professional assistance of our more than 30 counselors and facilitators and nearly 100 volunteers, Spiritual Care Support Ministries provides these services free of charge to those in need.


An instant, a measure of time that can turn your world upside down and change your life forever. When you experience a devastating loss and have thoughts like when will the hurt stop? When will I stop crying? I just don't know what to do. SCSM provides a friendly, comfortable environment to seek help to understand loss and how to deal with it. I know, I lost my wife, the love of my life, my partner and my best friend, the one person who truly understood me. In that instant, suddenly I am alone - even with hundreds of friends and family I still felt alone. You realize things will never be the same again. SCSM helped me, I saw their passion in what they do and I continue to see that passion today because I volunteer my time to help them so they can help others. I have never seen an organization that cares more about others and works so tirelessly to help others as they do. Thank you SCSM - you are a blessing to our community!

Jim Presley

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Spiritual Care Support Ministries

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