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The disAbility Resource Center's mission is to "assist people with disabilities to achieve the highest potential and benefit of independent living by providing them, those who support them and the community with information, education, and resources." Independent living is about having the right to make choices, to make one's own decisions, and to have control over one's life. It is about being included and having the ability to achieve goals and dreams and live like everyone else.

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The dRC is located in Fredericksburg but has staff that provides services to people in the lower area of Planning District 9, Culpeper, Rappahannock, Madison, and Orange counties. It is the only organization in the area that provides support and information to people with all types of disabilities of all ages. Since PD9 is one of several underserved areas in the state with regards to independent living services and resources for people with disabilities, the dRC feels it is important to support its neighbors to the west so that they also have the opportunity for independent living to the greatest extent possible.

disAbility Resource services within PD9 include independent living skills training, deaf and hard of hearing equipment and information, advocacy (self and community), information and referral, and personal attendant facilitation for long-term care.

The disAbility Resource Center celebrated its 25th anniversary last year.. Founded in 1993, the dRC is a Center for Independent Living (CIL) that assists people with disabilities of all ages to live independently in their community and to promote community inclusion. Independent living does not mean that someone must do everything for themselves. Some people need the assistance of aides, technology, therapies, and/or natural supports (families, friends, neighbors, etc.). But no matter the supports, people with disabilities have a voice and a choice and they should have the independence to make decisions about their lives.

The dRC and other CILs work toward helping people with disabilities and the community to understand independent living and inclusion in all aspects of life. The dRC has been doing this for the past 25 years and plans to continue to inform, guide, and help people with disabilities and to help the community realize the ABILITIES of individuals with disabilities for many years to come.


I am most grateful to the (disAbility Resource Center's)Equipment Connection for the wheelchair. It will enable me to get my husband to and from appointments. Thank you.

The dRC's Equipment Connection is a lifesaver. They helped my family so much with wheelchairs for my mom and brother so then can get out of bed and potty chairs so they won't hurt so bad from moving so far.

I wanted to thank you for your info in giving me some dentists that I can contact for my son. It is so good to know that I am not alone in this journey with my son.

Such a wonderful organization and gives back to the community as well. So many different activities to choose from for all ages.

Upon creation of a transition booklet of resources for students with disabilities in Culpeper, the school replied, "Wow! This is beautiful! Thank you! We will definitely share it with students, parents, our PTRC, etc.!"

Statement on evaluation of Medicaid Waiver Workshop presented in Culpeper: "This will help me to live better. Thank you!"

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