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Praise Communications, Inc. is a non-profit (501(C)3 organization and is the owner of WPRZ-FM, a non-commercial educational radio station licensed by the Federal Communications Commission.  The station is supported by donations from individuals and by non-commercial sponsorships from local businesses.

 We feel that this is the most important time in our history to keep the station strong and broadcasting.  People are afraid and uncertain as to what lies ahead for them.  We are here to help them keep their focus on the things of God where they will find strength to carry on with hope instead of fear.  WPRZ-FM is a lighthouse shining the light of God and drawing people to His word.   God's Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path and WPRZ keeps it going out into our community and around the world 24/7 right here from Culpeper.   You can be a part of helping people find hope and peace in the midst of this great storm.  Please, click Donate and give your very best.  We know God will bless you for doing that!


Our Mission

 The mission of Praise Communications, Inc. is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, to nurture and help believers grow in their relationship with God, and to strengthen the local church.


Our Story

 WPRZ/Praise Communications, Inc. was founded in 1982 by Steve and Sally Buchanan and a group of believers who shared their vision for Christian radio.  WPRZ-AM was the first all Christian radio station in the area.   One of our original Board Members was Steve Rodgers who served for many years.  With his generous help in the very beginning, the station grew from 1,000 watts to 5,000 watts. Then with the sale of the AM in 2007, we were able to move to Culpeper at 88.1FM with 10,000 watts in 2010.  We are a local station committed to serving this local community.

 We know that God put this station together.  Many obstacles had to be overcome.  It's a long story how WPRZ-FM came to be built.  When we sold WPRZ-AM and applied to the FCC for the FM frequency, 25 other organizations applied for the frequency including several Colleges and Universities, other large broadcasting chains and organizations, but the FCC granted the frequency to Praise Communications, Inc. for WPRZ-FM.

 When the time came to actually build the station, we were told there was no space on the tower we needed to place our antenna.  But God made a way and space was found.  When we needed money to actually build the station, God made a way and we sold land that was donated to us where we were broadcasting only on the internet.  It is clear that God built this station for His glory.  God put it together, and now, it is up to those in the Piedmont area to provide for the expenses it takes to keep it broadcasting 24/7 locally and around the world from Culpeper over wprz.org.

Our slogan is WPRZ-FM, Glorifying God and Growing Believers.  We do this by airing the best Bible teaching programs in the country, providing news and information programs from a Biblical worldview, and providing music in segments of Contemporary Christian music weekday mornings, Christian country music in the afternoons, and Gospel bluegrass music on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.  We also help other local non-profits promote their events on our Praise Calendar at no charge.  WPRZ-FM serves our local community!  This year, 2021, is WPRZ-FM's 11th year on the air in Culpeper.

Be A Part

You can be a part of this miracle by making a generous donation to help cover operating expenses.   WPRZ donors are a very important part of this ministry!  It takes $1,000.00 a day to properly operate WPRZ-FM.

 To give and be a part of the amazing team that keeps WPRZ on the air, please click the Donate button and give your very best!  You can even sign up to give monthly if you want to.  When you give, we'll be so happy and will send you our monthly WPRZ Ministry Highlights so you won't miss anything.  It has our complete Program Schedule and news about any specials we will be airing.  Whatever you do, please do your best to help at this critical time. We know God will bless you for it!  Thank You and Many Blessings to You!

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