WPRZ / Praise Communications, Inc.

The mission of Praise Communications, Inc. is to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost, to nurture and help believers grow in their relationship with God, and to strengthen the local church.

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Address: 219 East Davis Street Suite 220
Culpeper, VA 22701
Phone Number: 540-727-9779
WPRZ's mission is reflected in on-air programming designed to encourage listeners with:

• Some of the best Bible teaching programs in the country to help listeners grow.
• A variety of music the includes Christian Contemporary, Christian Country and Bluegrass music designed to reflect the musical tastes in the area where we are located.
• A free Calendar of events available to non-profits and churches to promote their activities that are open to the public.
• Syndicated programming to help parents and families flourish.
• Fun, family programs based in radio drama.
• Holiday programming including concerts and special features.
• Free public service announcements to keep listeners informed about community activities and raise awareness of non-profit organizations in the region.
• Hourly, national news reports.
• Local weather reports.
• Support for businesses, organizations and loved ones through WPRZ sponsorships.

Praise Communications provides a live streaming service at WPRZ.org so that people all around the world can listen to WPRZ. While on-air programming is a main thrust of the station's vision, there are other ways that WPRZ connects to and collaborates with the community.

Outside the studio, WPRZ 88.1 volunteers are in the community participating in community events every month. In fact, WPRZ 88.1 is expanding its volunteer team to be able to cover more territory and be a part of more events. Not just in Culpeper, but all over the region from Manassas to Charlottesville and Luray to Fredericksburg.

This year WPRZ is partnering with Hope for Appalachia to help children in Kentucky receive shoeboxes full of hygiene items and toys and messages of hope.

Beyond the inspiring content produced on-air by WPRZ 88.1, the station's vision extends to creating a future mobile application with downloadable podcasts, a concert and speaker series, a summer camp experience for kids and developing new radio shows like WPRZ IS CONCERNED!
Here are some notes and letters we have recently received from our listeners:

We support WPRZ financially because we feel that Christian radio is a vital part of our community and a powerful tool to spread the Gospel. We pray that WPRZ is able to continue to stay on the airwaves and be used by God to spread His love until He returns. A listener from Culpeper

First of all, thank you for your commitment to the community you serve. I start my weekday mornings with Kurt Goff Live and Michael Youssef. I can't think of a better way to start the day. I finish my week with Friday afternoon bluegrass. So awesome. Thank You, Bob and Pam

Thank you for your continual and faithful ministry of encouragement to the body of Christ through worship, prayer, Scripture reading and wonderful teaching! God Bless, Darlene
God Bless

God Bless every one of you. All of you are doing a wonderful job. I listen to you from first thing in the morning till I go to bed. You are a blessing to me. Love and Prayers, Nina

Thank you to each one of you who give so generously of your time and talents to keep WPRZ going. I am praying for unique blessings for your staff and the folks who donate in this time of need, that their cups may be filled and overflow! God bless you as we work together to spread the Gospel. Elaine

It is such a blessing to tune in to WPRZ daily. You minister God's Word and provide a constant source of strength and encouragement! Whenever the station has experienced a brief interruption we've been extremely saddened. We cannot imagine the void that would be there if this station was discontinued. You all bless us daily and now it's our chance to bless and encourage you. We gladly join your efforts and send our gift. Anonymous from Madison

I wake up to WPRZ in the morning and love to listen to James MacDonald. I listen on my way into work and to Janet Parshall on my way home. I thank you that you play wonderful praise music, and you don't wear out the same songs over and over again like other stations. Diane from Culpeper

Love to all of you at WPRZ! We love Bluegrass and Country Light! Our children are growing up listening to some great GODLY MUSIC! We look forward to having our own bluegrass band one day! Ya'll have been a huge influence with this! Thank you Steve and Sally for your faithfulness to serve our community with the Gospel! You are loved! God is faithful and will supply all our needs. Love , Anonymous

I've been praying for you guys! I used to listen to WPRZ when I was a little girl. I praise God for your steadfastness and willingness to stick to the Word Of God. God is bigger than our debt! Elizabeth from Rapidan

We enjoy all the programs (we pretty much have it on 24/7), especially the Bluegrass Fridays and Sundays. Our girls really enjoy Odyssey, they look forward to it every night at 8:30, Monday thru Friday! Leona from Madison

Steve and Sally, Thank you for bringing Christian radio to Culpeper. The programs uplift and bless us. May God bless and multiply your efforts! Bruce and Loretta

We found your station a couple of months ago when we moved to Barboursville. We are praying for this ministry and for the Lord to bless you with the needs to support this ministry. We are also sending a donation. Thank you, John and Wendy

Thank you so much for WPRZ . We are making this donation because we love WPRZ, but also because GOD loves WPRZ. We love the music, programs and most of all the Bible readings. Your friends in Christ Tommy and Brenda

Praise God, He has provided a way for us to continue on being a Ministry Partner. We listen every day, it truly brings our whole family great joy! God brings many smiles, tears of joy and laughter through this loving radio station. Please know you are all loved and prayed for. Love to you all, Mark and Kim

Your ministry blesses us. Thank you for being on the air and bringing much needed hope to a hurting world. Blessings, Nancy

We keep WPRZ on 24/7 in our kitchen and in our kids rooms. We listen to the teachings as a family in the morning, and the kids listen to the shows and music at night. We thank God for WPRZ, and fully believe in radio ministry. Thank you - everyone who works and volunteers at WPRZ for all you do for His Glory every day. A couple from Spotsylvania

I listen to WPRZ all the time because it is a great way to learn what is in the Bible and the music that is played. The station has excellent pastors who preach the Word and inspirational and uplifting music,. I have learned the words to so many of the praise and worship songs by singing along with the radio. WPRZ has such a good variety of programs and no commercials. I support the station financially because I appreciate all it blesses me with, and I would be lost without it. Also, everyone at WPRZ is like family to me! A listener from Locust Grove

When times get tough, they are always ready to pray for you. A listener from Culpeper