Clifton Institute

The Clifton Institute exists to promote, disseminate and cultivate knowledge and information concerning preventive medicine, health promotion and environmental studies. These fields encompass organized medicine as well as diet, nutrition, fitness, wellness, mental health and individual responsibility as key elements of an enriched quality of life. The Institute supports ecological projects in the belief that all living systems are interdependent for their survival.

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Address:6712 Blantyre Road
Warrenton, VA 20187
Phone Number:540-341-3651
Named for the historic farm on which it is headquartered, The Clifton Institute is located just outside Warrenton on Blantyre Road. The Institute was founded and is operated by
physicians, scientists, educators and policymakers, who are dedicated to advances in health promotion and environmental studies.

Our Environmental Studies (ES) program promotes healthy living by getting people outside and connecting to the natural world. Popular public events include Winter Waterfowl, An Evening with Woodcocks, Frogs and Salamanders, Tree Identification and the Butterfly Count.

ES focuses on education, habitat restoration and research. We provide opportunities for students from local public and private schools to learn science through multiple outdoor classroom experiences on our 900-acre field station which is carefully maintained to maximize diverse wildlife habitat.

Clifton Farm Field Station improvements planned for 2017 include restoration of a circa 1820 log kitchen. Working with archaeologists, historians and local craftsmen, the log kitchen will be stabilized and restored for use in existing and new programs for the community, students, teachers and visitors.